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The Luckiest States for Mega Millions
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The Luckiest States for Mega Millions breaks down which of the Winever states have the most Mega Millions jackpot wins!
The Luckiest States for Mega Millions

Which of the Winever states is the luckiest when it comes to Mega Millions? Today, we are breaking down which states have the most Mega Millions jackpot wins! 

New York

Coming in first place is none other than the Empire State, New York! New York has a whopping 43 Mega Millions jackpot wins, with a very recent win this year in 2023. On June 5th, a handyman from Howard Beach won $476 million and chose to receive $157,288,402 as a lump sum. 

New Jersey

Up next, just across the Hudson River, is New Jersey. The Garden State grabs second place with 22 Mega Millions jackpot wins. A store in Trenton, New Jersey, sold a $202 million ticket shortly before the COVID-19 shutdown. 


Taking home the bronze medal for Mega Millions jackpot wins is the Buckeye State. Ohio has an impressive 20 wins, the most recent win being in 2019 in Mentor. The winning lottery ticket was sold at a Giant Eagle Supermarket. 


In fourth place is the Lone Star State, Texas. Texas just had its 14th win on October 6th of this year. Not only is it the most recent win, but it was the largest Mega Millions win in Texas State Lottery history!

Purchased at a Stripes convenience store in San Angelo, this Quick Pick ticket was worth a whopping $360 million. The winner, who remains anonymous, took a lump cash prize estimated at a staggering $156.9 before taxes. 

Arkansas and Minnesota

Both Arkansas and Minnesota have one lucky jackpot winner each! The mammoth Mega Millions win of $177 million in Arkansas was won on April Fool’s Day but was far from a joke. This winner took home some serious cash, $107 million to be exact. 

Minnesota’s sole Mega Millions jackpot winner came a little later in 2022. Purchased from a stationary store in Ramsey, this ticket was worth a monstrous $106 million!

Colorado & Oregon

Both Colorado and Oregon joined Mega Millions a little later than the other wonderful states of Winever. You could be the first person from Colorado or Oregon to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Not only will you be writing checks, but you could rewrite Mega Millions history. 

To learn about the biggest jackpot winners in each state, check out our blog post here. To order Mega Millions tickets at home, order on or get our apps: Apple, Google, Galaxy, and Android.

By Tyler