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Your phone is already smart, now make it lucky.

WHO WE ARE is a Jersey City-based start-up that is revolutionizing the way people play the lottery. We provide a best-in-class lottery distribution infrastructure that provides players with a secure and easy online experience. 

We are on a mission to not only provide an easy and convenient way to play the lottery, but also help contribute to state-sponsored charities and causes. Dependent on the state, the majority of funds received from lottery tickets help support state initiatives such as academic scholarships & educational programs, social services, pensions for union workers, assistance programs for seniors, road maintenance, and much more.

We are professionals in providing clients with authentic state lottery tickets based on four essential pillars: convenience, security, safety, and peace of mind.


We operate a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. Here's how:

  • Convenience: We provide an easy way for you to play your favorite lottery games. You sign in to your account, pick your lucky numbers and check out as long as you are 18 or older.

  • Security: Security is first and foremost at the top of our list! Your information is secured behind several layers of protection, payment information is managed by our partners who are industry-leading complying with PCI standards and your physical lottery ticket is stored in our fire-proof vault monitored 24/7.

  • Safety: We take the necessary precautions to guarantee that our players do not face any financial troubles. This includes the ability to establish spending limits & restrictions and schedule self-exclusion. To guarantee appropriate platform use, we also conduct age verification and geolocation checks.

  • Peace of mind: There's no need to worry about losing your ticket or disputing over ownership; it's a digital ticket, and once you buy it, you own it. It’s as simple as that. Plus, if you win, we'll inform you so you don't have to set any "check your numbers" reminders.


We are on a mission to modernize the lottery and make it more beneficial to the public. facilitates participation in state lotteries in the United States, directly supporting good causes by assisting in the funding of state-run programs in the fields of education, parks, emergency responders, veteran's health, and other services vital to the state.

MEDIA is now live in New Jersey, New York, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota & Arkansas!


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