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How Does The Mega Millions Megaplier Work?
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How Does The Mega Millions Megaplier Work?

Did you know that the Megaplier function in Mega Millions can multiply non-jackpot payouts by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times? It costs an additional $1 per game. The Megaplier is selected before each Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday and Friday nights. Five balls are marked with 2X, six with 3X, three with 4X, and one with 5X from a pool of 15.
How Does The Mega Millions Megaplier Work?

There is more than one way to win millions with the Mega Millions lottery. The additional game MegaPlier can be used to multiply winnings in eight out of nine winning classes in this famous lottery. Whoever activates the MegaPlier when playing on Mega Millions with could potentially multiply their profits!

The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 302.6 million to one. That may appear to be impossible, but many Mega Millions jackpot winners will tell you otherwise. For example, in October 2018, a South Carolina resident won a record-breaking $1.537 billion prize.

With Mega Millions jackpots reaching such high values, the winners of the other prize categories seldom make news, despite the fact that the lesser tiers may also build up to some fairly substantial sums. By utilizing the MegaPlier, you may increase your chances of winning even more and becoming one of the headline winners.

Megaplier Provides Even More Opportunity

Of course most lottery players are hoping for that big jackpot win, but if you don't manage to match all five numbers plus the MegaBall, that doesn't mean that the dream of a huge win has to be over.

Mega Millions offers an excellent additional option; anyone who activates the MegaPlier on their ticket will be paid up to 5 times the amount of anything they manage to win. In addition to the regular Mega Millions winning numbers, there is a separate mini-draw to find the relevant MegaPlier factor, which will be a number between two and five. That MegaPlier number is multiplied by the prize you have managed to win on the main draw (excluding the jackpot).

Since the Mega Million rule changes came into effect in October 2017, it has become 30% easier to hit the $1 million second prize award. Assuming that you did get five numbers correct to win that prize, with the MegaPlier feature activated this amount would increase to between $2 million and $5 million!

Megaplier Yes Or No - You Have The Choice

In the table below you will find an overview of the different prize tiers available from the MegaMillions lottery. Here the respective winnings are displayed without MegaPlier, or if the number two or five is determined as the MegaPlier multiplier.

How Does The Mega Millions Megaplier Work?

Multiply Your Wins With The Megaplier!

Here at we offer the MegaPlier option. For just one dollar more you can choose to activate this feature, which will multiply any non-jackpot winnings. 

The price for the MegaPlier is calculated on the basis of $1 per play, so if you fill in six play slips and want to increase your potential profits via the MegaPlier, you will pay $6 more.

Three Steps To Play Mega Millions Online

Step 1: Log into your account and select Mega Millions.

Step 2: Select your numbers, and the amount of lines you want.

Step 3: Activate the additional MegaPlier and click check out!

It really is as simple as that. Now it's time to cross your fingers and wait for the draw to take place. Don't worry about missing the announcement of the results, as you can just wait for our win confirmation which will automatically be emailed to you right after the Mega Millions draw takes place.

Good luck!

By Francesca