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Convenience Meets Winever: Order Mega Millions Online Now!
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Convenience Meets Winever: Order Mega Millions Online Now!

Are you interested in ordering Mega Millions tickets online but don't know where to start? Read on to see how taking your chance at the big jackpot is easier than ever with
Convenience Meets Winever: Order Mega Millions Online Now!

Mega Millions® jackpots have been soaring and with, ordering lottery tickets online has never been easier.

Mega Millions is a national draw game that is currently offered in 45 states, including all eight states is currently live in! is revolutionizing how people play the lottery by allowing them to order up to five Mega Millions tickets at the same time from the convenience of their mobile device.

To play Mega Millions, pick five numbers between 1-70, if you need some help choosing your numbers, be sure to check out our blog on everyone’s favorite Mega Millions numbers! After picking your lucky digits, pick a Mega Ball between 1-25 and you’re in the game! You can choose your own numbers or use the easy-to-use quick pick tool to get a set of randomly generated numbers. For an even quicker and easier experience, use the “Five quick picks” option to get five lines of random numbers. 

Once the drawing is over, be sure to head to’s homepage to view the lottery results. To win the jackpot, you need to match all five of your numbers and the Mega Ball. Didn’t hit the big one? No worries! There’s plenty of minor prizes you can still win, including a prize of $1 million for matching all five of your numbers without the Mega Ball. You can even win by matching as few as one number! Match the Mega ball to win $2. 

On, all of your prizes under $600 (some states may vary) are credited right to your online account. You can use your winnings to order more tickets for the next drawing, or seamlessly transfer them to your bank account. 

You can order Mega Millions, Powerball® and more on using your browser or by downloading the App available on the Apple, Google Play and Samsung Galaxy store. is currently available in Arkansas, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and Texas.