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Another Jackpot! Lucky New Jersey Customer Hits Big with a Jersey Cash 5 win!

Another Jackpot! Lucky New Jersey Customer Hits Big with a Jersey Cash 5 win!

A lucky player had a hunch that led to a big win! Read more to learn about our latest Jackpot winner in the Garden State!
Another Jackpot! Lucky New Jersey Customer Hits Big with a Jersey Cash 5 win! is excited to announce another jackpot winner! Laleta from New Jersey is the latest customer to take a trip to winever after winning the Jersey Cash 5 ® drawing on April 10!

Laleta won the $208,955 jackpot by matching all five of the numbers on their ticket to the ones drawn! 

Laleta decided to take a chance at glory on the day of the solar eclipse. She chose her numbers and entered the drawing hoping to make the special day even better. 

Ultimately, the universe decided two once-in-a-lifetime occurrences couldn’t happen on the same day and she walked away empty handed.

However, a couple days later she had a hunch to try her luck again, but this time with a different set of numbers. The universe had different plans for her though.

“I deleted all the numbers to pick new ones, but the same numbers were shown and my eye kept twitching when I saw those same numbers again, so that’s when I knew I had to play those numbers,” Laleta said.

The numbers that made her eye twitch were 2-13-18-24-35. Later that night, those same numbers were drawn, giving her a life-altering sum of money that she plans to improve the lives of her and her family, and others around her.

The next day Laleta checked her email and saw she had won the jackpot!’s process of notifying players whenever they have a winning ticket of any amount is a feature that has kept her coming back to play her favorite lottery games.

“Love the notifications, especially for when there is a winning ticket. You let me know what ticket won and how much the next day. Also great for when I'm notified about when the jackpot is getting big and what game or when we have a winning balance left,” she said.

Laleta took her winning the jackpot on a hunch as a sign of needing to give back to those around her. In addition to using some of her winnings to put a down payment on a house, she plans on donating some of her winnings to a few of her favorite charities.

“The same day I won this amount, I gave some money to someone in need. They were homeless and I politely said, God Bless, when giving them some money. I like doing that kind of thing, I always told my daughter, God has given us a lot, and we should give back, you can’t just take and not give back,” she said.

To play Jersey Cash 5, you choose five numbers between 1-45. You can choose your own numbers or let’s easy-to-use quick pick tool choose for you! 

Jersey Cash 5 drawings are held daily at 10:57 pm. You never have to miss a drawing with’s subscription option that automatically enters your lucky numbers for each game.

With getting in the game is always at the convenience of your fingertips!  You can order Mega Millions ®, Powerball ® and more on using your browser or by downloading the app available on the Apple, Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store.