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Lucky Customer wins $1 Million in a Pinch

Lucky Customer wins $1 Million in a Pinch

Deborah's chance encounter turned her luck around when she scored a $1 million prize on an official Texas Lottery scratch ticket ordered on
Lucky Customer wins $1 Million in a Pinch

Deborah C. decided to order a Million Dollar Gold Rush scratch ticket, an official lottery game offered by the Texas lottery, on after discovering she could order lotto tickets online. Little did she know her $20 order would turn her into a millionaire!

Deborah was only in Texas after family issues caused her to relocate to stay with a friend in neighboring Oklahoma. One of many friends she has had to rely on for a place to stay after her life was uprooted. 

It was while staying with her friend that she discovered while scrolling through Facebook. She was intrigued by the convenience of being able to order scratch tickets without taking a trip into town.

“I thought here’s my chance and I don’t have to go anywhere since she lives out in the country,” Deborah said.

Taking the chance more than paid off. Deborah’s ticket ended up being the grand prize winner of $1 million, instantly changing her life forever!

Since finding out about her big win Deborah’s mind has been racing with dream cars, dream vacations and ways to give back to her loved ones, but most importantly, establishing some much needed stability in her life. 

The jackpot gives her the opportunity to move into her dream home, though she still doesn’t know where that will be. 

“Well I still don’t, but now I have money,” she said.

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RJ Sonbeek
By RJ Sonbeek