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Spring Cleaning Inspires Lottery Win

Spring Cleaning Inspires Lottery Win

How can you win $600,000 while you're spring cleaning? may be the answer! Meet Josef: who was able to win $575,641 without even leaving the house!
Spring Cleaning Inspires Lottery Win

Spring has sprung! With spring comes flowers, warmer weather, the early inklings of summer, and course, spring cleaning. A chance to de-clutter and de-stress.

Your spring cleaning checklist most likely includes: cleaning out your closet, washing the baseboards, and mopping the floors. Things your list probably doesn't include: winning $575,641. Unless you are Josef. 

New Jersey resident, Josef, was cleaning out his trunk when he came across merch from a previous win last September. Josef took a brief hiatus from his lottery high hopes, but the excavation of hidden trunk treasures were inspiration enough to order again on He was back and ready for another win! 

With two wins on already under his belt, Josef was no stranger to winning, but this one was different. He knows that a winning email has the prize amount in the title but doesn't reveal the full amount in the notification. Usually the email starts with "$2..." but this number started with "$57..."

Spring Cleaning Inspires Lottery Win

"When I saw the first part of the number was $57, I knew this wasn't an everyday amount. I woke up my entire building when I saw that it was for almost $600,000!" Josef told

600k is definitely worth the potential noise complaints. When asked what Josef would do with the money, Josef gave the classic Super Bowl MVP answer, "I'm going to Disney World!" 

Josef also plans to use the money pay some bills, invest, buy his mom a new car, and buy himself a brand new smile worthy of a lottery winner.

You can learn more about some of our other lucky winners here. If you would like to add a potential lottery win to your to-do list, order now on! 

By Tyler