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Powerball Announces New Night For Drawings

Powerball Announces New Night For Drawings

The Powerball now draws three times a week! The new drawing takes place on Monday nights @ 11:00 PM and players now have an opportunity to win a life changing jackpot three times a week.
Powerball Announces New Night For Drawings

What’s Going On?

The Powerball is upping the ante! The Mississippi Lottery Commission announced that starting in August 2021 there will be three nights a week that numbers are drawn. The drawings will now take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays at 11 pm EST. All 45 states that currently offer Powerball tickets will be participating ranging from New Hampshire to Oregon. The addition of another drawing will not change the odds or pricing of tickets according to Mississippi gaming officials.

The new drawing will take place on Mondays and players will be able to purchase tickets for the Monday night drawing. This is incredibly exciting for all lottery and players because the addition of another night of draws means there is a better opportunity to win. Not only are there more chances to win, but the jackpots should grow bigger and faster due to the increased amount of ticket sales.

Powerball Announces New Night For Drawings

What Else is New?

The Powerball also announced a new feature they are introducing the same day as the first Monday drawing referred to as Double Play. For an extra $1, your Powerball ticket will be entered into a second drawing with a top prize of $10 million and the remaining reward levels offering higher payouts.

The Double Play drawings will take place about 30 minutes following the Powerball drawings on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights. Since Double Play is an optional feature for Powerball, players must first purchase a Powerball ticket or membership to use it. It will not be possible to buy Double Play tickets or subscriptions apart from the Powerball game. The $1 Power Play option, which allows players to multiply all Powerball rewards except the jackpot, will remain accessible. The Power Play multiplier, on the other hand, will only apply to Powerball drawings and not to Double Play drawings.

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Ethan Garsman
By Ethan Garsman