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Exploring the Variety of Scratch Tickets in Texas

Want to order Scratch tickets online in Texas and don't know where to start? We're here to give the rundown on just how easy that can be with! is bringing a revolutionary scratch ticket experience to players in Texas. This proprietary process provides an immersive experience that brings the traditional scratch ticket experience to the convenience of your mobile device! offers a diverse collection of scratch tickets offered by the Texas Lottery. Starting at just $20, you can take your chance at winning millions!

Once you pick the game that’s right for you, simply checkout and we’ll send you an email once your ticket is ready to scratch. To reveal your ticket, swipe your finger across your touchscreen to show your prizes (on a desktop you can use your mouse). Scratch tickets offer better odds to win than draw games. You can find scratch tickets with odds as high as 1 and 3 for winning a prize! 

The largest prize you can currently win from a scratch ticket on is the $20 million grand prize offered by $20 million Supreme. Prizes start at $150 and you have a 1 in 3.49 chance at any prize. 

There are four grand prizes to win on $20 million Supreme! Once all the grand prizes have been won the game is discontinued and replaced with another so you’ll never have to worry about playing without a chance at the jackpot. 

Not finding one that’s right for you at the moment? No worries! New games are added all the time.

To make things even easier, all prizes under $600 are paid out directly to your online account. If you win big will assist you every step of the way with claiming your prize with the state lottery. 

You can order Mega Millions®, Powerball® and scratch tickets on using your browser or by downloading the app available on the Apple, Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store.