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New Jersey Player Wins $10K Pick 6 Prize

New Jersey Player Wins $10K Pick 6 Prize

First-time lottery player, first time winner! Linda and her daughter were joking that night about how they would spend the money. No joke, New Jersey native Linda S. won $10,371 with a lucky Pick 6 ticket.
New Jersey Player Wins $10K Pick 6 Prize

We are thrilled to announce our biggest winner ever!

We are ecstatic to reveal our first winner of over $10,000 in January of 2022! Linda S. of Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey was invited to visit our headquarters in Jersey City to claim her winning Pick 6 ticket and enjoy our exclusive winner’s experience!

New Jersey Player Wins $10K Pick 6 Prize

Our entire team found it difficult to hold back a smile or a tear while hearing Linda's touching story.

My TV remote control seemed to be hitting something a week before I got the ticket, and the 5's would appear on the screen even when It wasn't near anyone, as if someone was pressing it. My father passed away ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I had recently moved his photo near the TV, and my dog, which my father had given me, would go and bark at his picture whenever the 5's were on the screen. My daughter then mentioned that I should enter the lottery and that Poppop might be trying to tell us something.

The following week, I was watching TV after getting home from work and saw a New Jersey lottery commercial and wondered if there was any other way to buy a lottery ticket because I didn't want to leave the house again to get one. So I went to Google to see if I could buy a lottery ticket online and found I wouldn't have gone out that night to buy a lotto ticket if it hadn't been for!

My daughter and I were joking later that night about what would happen if I won big, and when I woke up the next morning, I had received an email saying I was the first large winner on,” said Linda. 

Linda's first time playing the lottery was her big win on Pick 6, and we're thrilled to have been a part of it! With her winnings, she plans on paying down her student loans and enjoying the remainder with her daughter. Since winning the large prize, Linda has continued to play on in hopes to secure her next big win! Our team would like to extend our gratitude to Linda and wish her the very best of luck on her future plays.

Chris Brennan
By Chris Brennan