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Thursday, Nov 03, 2022, 02:29 AM

For just $1, you'll get two sets of numbers ($0.50 per game). You can play up to a maximum of ten games for $5.

Each Megabucks play slip contains 10 game boards with letters A through J. For each game you want to play, choose six different numbers from a total of 48 on the game board. You can also ask the retailer for a Quick Pick to have your numbers randomly generated by the terminal.

You can also add the Kicker multiplier option, which offers the chance at bigger prizes if you match three of six, four of six, or five of six winning numbers. If you match four or five numbers, you win four times as much. Match three numbers and you'll win $4. Kicker costs an extra $1 for every $1 Megabucks play.